Traveling to Washington D.C.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal. That they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights.” -Thomas Jefferson

There are few places I enjoy visiting more than our nation’s Capitol. So when I found out that I was accepted to attend a youth-oriented political conference, I was thrilled to say the least! 

I had only been to Washington D.C. two times before this conference. Although I have always known that I am set on entering a career in politics, I am still younger and limited in how much I can travel as a full-time student. 

To put it simply, this week was all I could have hoped for. I had the opportunity to connect with exceptional people and listen to incredible speakers. Most importantly, I was able to visit the landmarks and historical places I study about all of the time!

The Washington Monument (pictured above) is a beautiful sight. Because I visited the city at night, I was able to see it shine throughout the entire district. 

This is another picture of the gorgeous Washington Monument. Taken from the Word War II Memorial, its reflection gleams across the pond and other landmarks. 

Another place I have always enjoyed is the Lincoln Memorial. Because Abraham Lincoln is my favorite president and figure in American history, I am constantly inspired by how it honors his dedication and commitment to preserving the Union. 

Even at night, families still walked the hundreds of steps up to the Lincoln Memorial. It is clear that Lincoln will forever be remembered for his sacrifice hundreds of years ago. 

As always, it was a pleasure to travel the streets of Washington D.C. once again. I am always inspired by the history and patriotism that radiates from this city. 

So…when can I return?